My chassis is the rolling GDEuro Classic type, in silver. I wanted a good contrast with the body colour (RAL9005 - black) and I must admit silver surrounded by black is a good combination to draw the eye to the engineering. Absolutely blown away with the workmanship... Spot on.



Two days later, having looked at, and got to know my new acquisition, I was ready to tuck it away neatly under the body. During this time frame, we did have some rain and I was quite impressed with the waxed bodywork finish and how the rain just ran off. I did, however, have to bail out somewhat.

I also considered buying a full or part car cover but was not ready to commit to any of them as I wasn't fully convinced. Apparently, some cover 'properties' and GRP are not best-buddies Also, the ones with the flocked inner lining could, after a while, have dust and grit embedded into the fibres and of which could scratch the surface, so not going there yet. I will be looking into this more when I need to, but for now, I'm happy to let the body be exposed to the elements.

Body & Chassis Mating: Solicited three burly ex-civil servants to help with the mating process, and in reality, there wasn't much preparation to do. I removed the front radiator [top] retaining bar and chamfered the top curves of the two round rubber insulating bumpers (the ones at the top of the backbone that don't have rivnuts,) Did this on the bench as it was easier.


Created a 45-degree angle by chamfering the top 1/3rd off the pads with the Dremel and flat file, and I took about 2 mm off the top of the backing plate. Then I refitted and put a smear of grease on them.

The mod' in the picture might look a bit scratty, but it looks better than in the picture.

Fitting the body: On my command, we eased the front of the body down and located it over the framework by the back of the engine bay. We then eased the back-end down.

Some "jiggling", "rocking and rolling" and gentle "shaking all over" and in less than five minutes it was job done.

Wheels are temporary (as is the rain on the body)

I'm going to let it sit for a few weeks and get on with other things before permanently fastening it to the frame. No point in rushing. I suspect it needs some time to settle... (as do I)