Live WebCam Page

Welcome to my weather webcam page. Eastfield Estate WeatherCam is my live, weather-station video-feed broadcasting from Knaresborough N.Yorkshire UK. The view is approximately north west (if you can see the big tree in the middle of the field,) or north (if the weather station is to the left of the picture.) You can also zoom in and customise what you see via the controls at the bottom of the picture.

Software Hosting & Hardware Status:

  • The webcam is hosted on a raspberry pi3 and is active most of the time
  • Webcam streaming is achieved via my EarthCam interface
  • The Cumulus webpage continues to be hosted on my PC for the time being and the basestation is connected to that. Which means the weather webpages continue to only update when my PC is switched on. I am in the process of learning how to have my pi3 host the Cumulus software and it is going to take me a while to rehost it on the pi3 as I have to work out how to do it. Then everything will be left on and be up and broadcasting all the time. 

Note... If you are viewing on a Mac or Ipad, you might have to install the Mac equivelent of a flash player e.g. SKYFIRE or Photon Browser.

If you do have any comments or would like to see some other links on this page please e-mail me from the contact link (top of page.)

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  • Space Weather Radio: Is a real-time meteor detection website and is connected to an antennae pointed upwards [from New Mexico.] It detects signal returns that are reflected from incoming meteor trails; the output being an audio "ping.

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