As previously stated, I really didn't want a carburettor perched on my 302 Ford engine as I didn't want the hassle of babysitting it. But I did want to retain the traditional look whilst taking advantage, and having the benefits, of a hi-tech engine management system. So with those criteria set-in-stone, I opted for the MSD Atomic EFI unit. 

This is a square bore carb' lookalike unit which sits where the carb' should be, and it contains all the sensors and gubbins to provide electronic fuel management.

The package comes with everything you need: i.e. the main square-bore bolt-on EFI unit; fuel pump; fuel filters; high-pressure fuel pipe and all the fixings. It also has a very nice looking Power Controller unit "black box" (which is red) and a plug-in hand-held controller which allows you to alter and tweak things without a laptop. I also don't need to relay this as it's all taken care of internally.

I fitted the fuel pump and low-pressure filter just behind the differential. Removed the GD copper fuel pipe and run the MSD hi-pressure "soft" pipe down the ladder frame to the front of the car. It is not recommended to run the pump with a "hard" fuel pipe. Something to do with how it pulses to provide the unit with just what it needs. The high-pressure fuel filter is in the engine bay and of which I will be shielding with some kind of cover. Don't need fuel being sprayed around hot things in the case of a leak..!

Also, this type of fuel system is returnless. Am very pleased about that as the only fuel associated thing in the boot will be the tank and a single low-pressure feed to the external pump. Also, I didn't want to hide the Power Controller away anywhere as it looks good and beefy, so I put it on the firewall next to the fuse boxes.

Template and mount being bent to shape



Finished Mounting Plate


All painted up and ready for connecting up

(only one live wire from the ECU and one to gnd) 


Nice view of the Power Controller and MSD Air Cleaner.

The bunch of wires are the ECU wires that need to be managed properly

(Cable management job added to list of things to do)