The first to be fitted was the tunnel carpet. Lined it up with the front bulkhead and tunnel top, and marked for the two steering cross-member bolts. Then I jiggled and patted it down a bit until it sat nice and flat (seemed like the thing to do); then I trimmed the sides and back leaving a healthy 2-5 cm carpet lip all round. This for the other carpets to sit on top thereby making a nice neat edge.

I decided not to use spray-glue to stick the carpets down as this is quite a ‘final’ job (if you can get it to stick in the first placed.) So, wanting a non-permanent but effective solution, I used 50 mm self-adhesive velcro; and I needed about 10 metres of the stuff for the complete cockpit and some of the boot area. I also bought 5 metres of 25 mm velcro for the smaller carpet pieces and for where I needed something less bulky.

During fitting, I noticed that, even though the Velcro was adhesive-backed, the sticky bit (it being quite sticky), didn’t stick good enough for my liking; so I started again and re-stuck it on with some Evo-stik… This extra glueing filled in all the knobbly bits in the GRP and carpet backing ensuring there was a complete surface area for the Velcro to stick to.

The next job was to find the corresponding places on the body to stick the other half of the Velcro. I put the carpet in place and poked a scribe through the carpet to mark where the corresponding Velcro strip needed to go… Quite fiddly this, but a good way to ensure the two surfaced lined up properly.

Using Velcro means I won’t have to rip the carpets out and re-glue if I need to take them out for any reason e.g. water ingress, cabling management, etc… All-in-all, a cracking job but it took days to do and I’m happy with the outcome.

Order of fitting was/will be:

    1. Tunnel - done
    2. Sides (by the doors) - done (but not fixed in properly yet as I have to finish fitting the door mechanisms and rubber trim)
    3. Behind the seats - done
    4. Floor - not done yet
    5. Footwells - not done yet

Not going to do the boot yet. I’m going to leave that until after the IVA test, and when I’m sure there is no fuel smell.