My dashboard design is along the lines of the classic 427 S/C configuration. However, as my Euro has the supplied Vauxhall steering column, replete with stalks that do what stalks do and a huge shiny shroud, I've slimmed down what actually goes on the dash and moved a couple of things around a bit.

The Theme

 Not quite there yet..!

(And this mock-up will no doubt be tweaked many times before I actually drill any holes)  

The first thing was to make the dash' blank fit the car, and as I'm going for the flat look i.e. no foam padding under the leather facing, I needed to use fixings that didn't show. So I went for the CBS Big Head Fixings. These are excellent for this type of application and it was a simple task of glassing and rosining them to the backside of the dash blank. Now I have to repair the holes I made before I discovered these very useful devices. My original plan was for padding and ground down bolt heads... But it's Plan B is for me.

Just need to remove the protective tape on the threads and job dun'..! 

I pondered for ages on how to fix the dashboard in place and be able to get to things without having to go through a veritable Puzzle Box of access-enabling events before getting to anything behind it, and I wasn't comfortable drilling and rivnutting or tapping into the steering column cross-member steel tubing. So I welded a couple of steel tabs to the cross-member, therefore, resolved my dilemma. Essentially I've retained the existing access procedure and not weakened the steering cross-member tube. Access procedure being:

  1. Undoing the tab bolts on the relevant underplate
  2. Slide the plate back forward an inch to allow it to clear the bottom lip of the dash'
  3. Reach up to undo the five dash' retaining wingnuts

Details of the modification to the steering column cross-member are in my Ironwork article.

The next thing is to make a uniform gap between the top of the dash and the lower lip of the scuttle top. This will run along the whole length of the dash blank and is necessary to allow for the leather piping to sit properly.