This article is all about the body's metal fittings and fitments... i.e. Iron and brightwork

Door Ironwork: Nothing much to say about this except that I decided to Hammerite all the ironwork as a I had a pot sitting in the garage that was more than enough to do everything with a couple of coats. Hung everything up in the garage and just painted away.


Bonnet Handles: Fitting the bonnet handles and latches was a bit fiddly (what isn't) but nothing too intricate that taking time and tea wouldn't resolve.

The first thing I did was to verify the bonnet drill markings made by GD. This I did by making a paper template (not a cardboard one.) And not having any "golden" specific reference points that I could rely on as being good for both sides, I creased the paper around the curve of one corner of the bonnet and marked where the factory mark was. Then I used the same template (but upside down) to see how far the other side's mark was "off" with respect to the first mark... Spot on!

I could have faffed around measuring from the centre of the bonnet when lined up with the centre of the car but that would have been complicated and fiddly. For this job I essentially just needed to check the two handles were in the same relative positions, the paper template marking method being foolproof for this type of measuring.

Masked up around the marker hole and marked the shape of the fiber gasket. Then I simply routed out the shape with the Dremel and finished it off with some hand filing. 

Bonnet & Boot Hinges: These are a work of engineering art. Couldn't resist them. Quite straightforward fitting; just trim the spacing flange to size, adjust hinge spacing with packing washers bolt the hinge in place, attach hood and boot and adjust as necessary... Job done.



Underdash' Ironwork: This consisted of the steering/wiper motor cross-member, dash support cross-member and three trays.

The steering/wiper cross-member was the main piece to be concerned with and this had to be fixed in place utilising the windscreen stanchion brackets and bolts. So it was quite critical to get the packing right so as to not create stress on the windscreen uprights.

The centre tray is drilled and metal tabs are in place to fix it in place. The outer driver and passenger side trays are not. A method of attaching these are to use rivnuts into the tubing. However, I decided to follow the theme of the centre tray and I welded some steel tabs on the tubing and one M5 bolt in each. The tabs being tapped. Am happy with this as it means I can remove the trays easily.

The front of the trays just slot under the lip of the dashboard. And I will be putting a couple of tie-wraps through and around the tubing to provide a more solid finish.