Steering Column Shroud: Whilst lining up the dashboard blank for fixing, I decided to make sure the steering column shroud fit properly before drilling any holes in the bodywork for the dash' fixing bolts... Luckily I did as there was some work to do to make the shroud fit properly. The aluminium shroud that goes around the stalks and ignition key was not sitting squarely when held in place by the front shiny plate and the two bolts. This was because there was undue pressure being put on the bottom of the shroud, causing it to not fully seat property within the front plate retaining lip. Essentially the pressure was making it sit skew-whiff.

Normally this would not be an issue, but as the two stalks and the ignition electrics block are contained within the shroud, and, as it's all quite snug in there, it made sense to make sure everything was lined up and spot-on.

The problem was. On the underside of the ignition key cylinder, just by the brass steering locking mechanism cover, there was some excess plastic and a protruding bolt-casting that in a previous life supported something meaningful. However, these are not necessary for my build so I cut them off to make the shroud sit and fit properly.

What an utter kerfuffle... Necessary though, as I wouldn't have been happy knowing there was something not right that could cause (over time) unnecessary pressure on something important.



Excess plastic and bolt-hole casting protrusion that needs removing


Cast bolt-hole casting protrusion and excess plastic removed, and all is nice and flat now.