When I picked up my car I was given this funny half-lozenge shaped piece of GRP, and I had no clue what it was or where it went or what it was for. But I knew enlightenment would be coming my way one day so I didn't pursue it at the time. With a brand new shiny body sitting in the sunshine of Long Benington, a funny shaped dull piece of GRP was the last thing I wanted to talk about.

But today is that day. I've done my research and now it's footwell extension fitting day. It, being an additional piece that is necessary for some owners... Me being one of them.

Did some digging and apparently (to quote my source): "The extension is an add-in option (some people shorter in the leg would not need to utilise i.e. Andy's car hasn't got one) to provide additional space by the side of the clutch pedal, this has to be a separate moulding since it protrudes into a void within the chassis triangulation and as such needs to be fitted after the body is mounted."

So as my inside leg has exceeded the minimum height requirement, I have to put it in.

Had this been a "Generation Game" task. I would have failed miserably as It took me about half an hour to work out where the half-lozenge extension specifically went. I knew the general area but didn't twig straight away because I didn't have my 'eye-in' as to where the pedals were. Note... They were actually in a box on the shelf but you know what I mean. And I really wasn't happy cutting a big hole in my shiny engine bay, but I did my research, I talked to other builders and nearly wore by tape measure out before I was as comfortable as I could be before reaching for the Dremel.

And the extension hole will be drilled... Somewhere in here!!!

IMG 3977 snip


The Ubiquitous Template


As I wanted the bottom of the footwell to be on the same level as the cockpit floor, I cut out a small piece and lined things up (horizontally) before cutting out the bit bit.


All cut out. Footwell extension sits nicely in line with the floor of the cockpit, and I've filed down the edges to make everything smooth and flowing.

  Done deal...



Note: When I was cutting the hole I noticed that when I reached this (the below) area, the resistance on the drill bit became very strong. So, suspecting something was going on I stopped and did some investigation, primarily with the tape measure. And low and behold I found out the hole I need to cut is not as big as the template suggests. I continued to cut using the vertical line of the cockpit as my guide, and you can see how much didn't need to be cut out. I will fix the damaged edge with some resin.   


Final fitting with a some self tappers. Not sure if I'll use bolts yet. I'll decide when I get the chassis and see what I have to work with.