This was, and will continue to be the tricky one as it was so easy to get immersed, sidetracked, mesmerised and overwhelmed with "stuff." To counter this I created a basic list of my required and desired elements, they being less than the sum-of-the-whole, and they being the pieces of my puzzle that had no picture. 

So here it is. My car's specification. I will add to it as I go along... One Piece At A Time

Model: Gardner Douglas GDEuro (Classic)


Body Shell:

  • Gelcoat (Jet Black (RAL9005))
  • No stripes
  • No bumpers
  • Integrated air scoop
  • Aston type fuel filler
  • P700 headlights
  • Two roll-bars

Chassis: Euro Classic (Deep Dish)


Cockpit: Dashboard Fitments:

  • Dash': Flat bottomed and based on the classic 427 S/C configuration
  • Dials: Speedhut
  • Switches: Old fashioned black Bakelite type
  • Warning Lights: Chrome LED
  • Heater Knob: Old fashioned black Bakelite 3 position switch
  • Power & USB outlets: One 12 Accessory and two USB
  • Footwell lights: LED
  • Trim Colours: Black carpet and Silver Pearl leather trim (grey) SX026
    • Dashboard - Initially Black (in case I have to move things slightly, but it will ultimately be grey leather)
    • Mats - Black
    • Door Cards - Grey
    • Seats - Grey
    • Tunnel Top: Grey
    • Behind the seats - Grey
    • Head Restraints: Standard GD fixed to roll-hoops
  • Safety Belts: Black (3 inch)
  • Starter Button: Cobra Start (Pilgrim Motorsports)
  • Steering column stalks: Standard black plastic


  • Radiator: Very big and very Aluminium
  • Fan: 16-inch curved blade
  • Hoses & Connectors: Viper Performance

Differential: BTR Hydratrack speed sensitive limited slip differential (3.07:1)

Engine: Built and Supplied by The Engine Factory (USA Company.) Here is an example of what the Engine Factory use in their engines.

  • Ford V8 302 (5ltr, 350bhp) (Here is a video of my engine running at the factory.. Awesome..!) 
    • Specifics:
      • Precision machined 302 roller block painted high temp black enamel paint
      • Nodular cast crankshaft
      • Connecting rods with ARP retaining bolts
      • HYPERUECTECTIC 9.5 TO 1 compression pistons with DURALUBE coating
      • Perfect Circle Chrome MOLY piston rings
      • 3 piece steel roller style timing chain
      • Hydraulic Steel Roller XTREME Energy camshaft
      • New MELLING oil pump and screen
      • Edelbrock RPM aluminium heads 60cc combustion chamber with bronze guides
      • 2.02 stainless steel swirl polished intake valves
      • 1.60 stainless steel swirl polished exhaust valves
      • Comp Cams' Pro Magnum chrome MOLY steel roller rockers 
      • Hard seats for unleaded or regular fuel
      • Heavy duty 1.45 diameter valve springs, 7-degree locks 
      • New heavy duty chrome MOLY pushrods
      • Front sump: Canton (15-630S) Low Profile 7 quart oil pan with an extra bung for oil temp
      • Timing chain cover with scale
      • COBRA black wrinkled valve covers
      • 157 tooth standard flywheel (for 5-speed transmissions)
      • Edelbrock RPM dual plane intake manifold  
      • MSD Atomic EFI fuel injection with Integral ECU, Wiring Harness, Sensors
      • ELECT. Billet ignition distributor w/ 45,000 volt coil
      • Yellow "Taylor" 8mm ignition wires
      • Thermostat housing and thermostat
      • High voltage electric fuel pump
      • High flow aluminium water pump
      • Dip tube and dipstick
      • MSD ATOMIC oval air cleaner with PCV ventilated system
      • 3/8 EFI rated fuel lines and Pre / Post gas filter
      • Chrome 100 Amp alternator - One wire hook up
      • Complete MARCH underdrive polished pulley set (Pulleys kit)
      • Polished Chrome Alternator Bracket
      • New SERPENTINE belt installed and tension adjusted
      • Steel bell-housing
      • 26 spline Clutch Kit
      • High Torque Starter. Installed and Aligned with Hardware
      • Hot run tested includes setting initial & full timing advance
      • Video footage of your engine running in the test stand
      • Blue printed, assembled by ASE technicians
    • No oil cooler

Gearbox: Tremec TKO500

  • Gear Ratios:
    1. 3.27
    2. 1.98
    3. 1.34
    4. 1.0
    5. 0.68

Header / Expansion Tank: Round stainless steel type from GD

Steering Wheel: Moto-Lita 350 mm classic 6 bolt, 9 rivet, 3 spoke, dark stain

Tyres: 245 x 40 x 18" front, 275 x 40 x 18" rear. Michelin Pilot Sport/Super Sport (Tyre/rim size explained)

Wheels: 8.5 x 18” front, 10 x 18” rear. Halibrand GTD5 Classic build (all chrome) with a cover plate for 5 stud fitment and spinners

Carroll Hall Shelby

American race-car driver and builder  (Fact file from the Web)

Born Jan 11, 1923, Leeburg, Texas - Died May 10, 2012, Dallas, Texas)

American race-car driver and builder who was the visionary designer of innovative high-performance racing cars, notably the Shelby Cobra and the Ford GT40 (which captured two Le Mans Grand Prix d’Endurance races [1966 and 1967]), and he was responsible in the commercial sector for the reintroduction of several Mustang-based Shelby cars—the GT-H, GT500, GT500 Super Snake, GT, and GT500KR (KR stood for King of the Road)—following a successful racing career of his own. Shelby, a part-time chicken farmer, often appeared at practice (and later at races) in striped bib overalls, which became his trademark. He earned accolades as Sports Illustrated’s Sports Car Driver of the Year in 1956 and Driver of the Year in 1957, and he was the winning co-driver for Aston Martin in the 1959 Le Mans race. In 1960 he was sidelined by a heart ailment that ended his career behind the wheel. He launched a driving school that bore his name, and in 1961 he persuaded England-based AC Cars (which had lost its engine supplier) to continue building its Ace chassis for a special Shelby sports car that would be outfitted with a Ford V-8 engine. The result was the Cobra Roadster, which was produced from 1962 to 1967; the racing version won the United States Road Racing Championship series of the Sports Car Club of America in 1963 and two years later took the Grand Touring world championship in the large-engine class. The innovative hot-rodder and head of Carroll Shelby International was recruited by Lee Iacocca to put some pizzazz into Chrysler’s production cars, notably the Dodge Omnis, Chargers, Lancers, and Shadows. Shelby also contributed to the development of the Dodge Viper and was consulted by Ford for his ideas on the 2005 Ford GT. Having been a recipient of heart and kidney transplants, Shelby established an eponymous foundation that provided financial support for children and medical professionals faced with life-threatening health issues.