This was, and will continue to be the tricky one as it was [is] so easy to get immersed, sidetracked, mesmerised and overwhelmed with "stuff." To counter this I created a basic list of my required and desired elements, they being less than the sum-of-the-whole, and they being the pieces of my puzzle that had a fuzzy picture. 

So here it is. My car's specification. I will add to it as I go along... One Piece At A Time

Model: Gardner Douglas GDEuro (Classic)


Body Shell:

  • Gelcoat (Jet Black (RAL9005))
  • No stripes
  • No bumpers
  • Integrated air scoop
  • Aston type fuel filler
  • P700 headlights
  • Two roll-bars

Chassis: Euro Classic (Deep Dish back end)


Cockpit: Dashboard Fitments:

  • Dash': Flat bottomed and based on the classic 427 S/C configuration
  • Dials: Speedhut
  • Switches: Old fashioned black Bakelite type
  • Warning Lights: Chrome LED
  • Heater Knob: Old fashioned black Bakelite 3 position switch
  • Power & USB outlets: One 12 Accessory and two USB
  • Footwell lights: LED
  • Trim Colours: Black carpet and Silver Pearl leather trim (grey) SX026
    • Dashboard - Initially black vinyl (in case I have to move things slightly) but it will ultimately be Silver Grey leather)
    • Mats - Black
    • Door Cards - Silver Grey
    • Seats - Silver Grey
    • Tunnel Top: Grey
    • Behind the seats - Black carpet and a Silver Grey leather covering on the top half 
    • Head Restraints: Standard GD fixed to roll-hoops
  • Safety Belts: Black Willans 3 inch 4 x 4 harness type
  • Starter Button: Cobra Start (Pilgrim Motorsports)
  • Steering column stalks: Standard black plastic


  • Radiator: Very big and very Aluminium
  • Fan: 16-inch curved blade
  • Hoses & Connectors: Viper Performance

Differential: BTR Hydratrack speed sensitive limited slip differential (3.07:1)

Engine: Built and Supplied by The Engine Factory (USA Company.) Here is an example of what the Engine Factory use in their engines.

  • Ford V8 302 (5ltr, 350bhp) (Here is a video of my engine running at the factory.. Awesome..!) 
    • Specifics:
      • Precision machined 302 roller block painted high temp black enamel paint
      • Nodular cast crankshaft
      • Connecting rods with ARP retaining bolts
      • HYPERUECTECTIC 9.5 TO 1 compression pistons with DURALUBE coating
      • Perfect Circle Chrome MOLY piston rings
      • 3 piece steel roller style timing chain
      • Hydraulic Steel Roller XTREME Energy camshaft
      • New MELLING oil pump and screen
      • Edelbrock RPM aluminium heads 60cc combustion chamber with bronze guides
      • 2.02 stainless steel swirl polished intake valves
      • 1.60 stainless steel swirl polished exhaust valves
      • Comp Cams' Pro Magnum chrome MOLY steel roller rockers 
      • Hard seats for unleaded or regular fuel
      • Heavy duty 1.45 diameter valve springs, 7-degree locks 
      • New heavy duty chrome MOLY pushrods
      • Front sump: Canton (15-630S) Low Profile 7 quart oil pan with an extra bung for oil temp
      • Timing chain cover with scale
      • COBRA black wrinkled valve covers
      • 157 tooth standard flywheel (for 5-speed transmissions)
      • Edelbrock RPM dual plane intake manifold  
      • MSD Atomic EFI fuel injection with Integral ECU, Wiring Harness, Sensors
      • ELECT. Billet ignition distributor w/ 45,000 volt coil
      • Yellow "Taylor" 8mm ignition wires
      • Thermostat housing and thermostat
      • High voltage electric fuel pump
      • High flow aluminium water pump
      • Dip tube and dipstick
      • MSD ATOMIC oval air cleaner with PCV ventilated system
      • 3/8 EFI rated fuel lines and Pre / Post gas filter
      • Chrome 100 Amp alternator - One wire hook up
      • Complete MARCH underdrive polished pulley set (Pulleys kit)
      • Polished Chrome Alternator Bracket
      • New SERPENTINE belt installed and tension adjusted
      • Steel bell-housing
      • 26 spline Clutch Kit
      • High Torque Starter. Installed and Aligned with Hardware
      • Hot run tested includes setting initial & full timing advance
      • Video footage of your engine running in the test stand
      • Blue printed, assembled by ASE technicians
    • No oil cooler

Gearbox: Tremec TKO500

  • Gear Ratios:
    1. 3.27
    2. 1.98
    3. 1.34
    4. 1.0
    5. 0.68

Header / Expansion Tank: Round stainless steel type from GD

Steering Wheel: Moto-Lita 350 mm classic 6 bolt, 9 rivet, 3 spoke, dark stain

Tyres: 245 x 40 x 18" front, 275 x 40 x 18" rear. Michelin Pilot Sport/Super Sport (Tyre/rim size explained)

Wheels: 8.5 x 18” front, 10 x 18” rear. Halibrand GTD5 Classic build (all chrome) with a cover plate for 5 stud fitment and spinners