The Doors

Frames: The first job was to trim and neaten-up the inside edge. Using the rubber trim as my guide, marked up and cut the unnecessary off with the Dremel and then finished with a light filing. I did notice the GRP varied in thickness along the edge, so had to file some down in places to make it kinda' uniform in thickness.

Doors - Fitting: Fitted the hanging bracket and the door hinges. Bolted the door loosely in place and adjusted the positioning. Not too fiddly this, but had to adjust and move the body hanging bracket to get the ‘swing’ right. I also marked the frame and door with a dab of paint to show what lined-up and where… Don’t need to go through all this faffing around again in the future…


The Boot

Hanging The Boot Lid… Roughly fitted the boot with no spacer/packing washers in place on the hinge bolts; this to make sure there was enough slop to move the boot around to centre it properly. I decided to do it this way because with the boot [loosely] bolted in place it was easier to measure, reposition and secure to its proper place without having to faff around too much.

  • Centred up the boot (rechecked with the latch in the closed position). 
  • Put a couple of corresponding marks on the body and boot as reference points.
  • Propped the boot open and measured, aligned and fitted some hinge-bolt spacer-washers where necessary.
  • Adjusted for flatness by altering the hinge angle i.e. to get a smooth transition line between the boot lid and the shell.
  • Tightened everything up.
  • Job’s a good’un


Boot Hinges: The hinges are a work of engineering art. Couldn't resist them. Quite a straightforward fitting; just trim the spacing flange to size, adjust the hinge spacing with packing washers, bolt them in place, attach boot and adjust for flatness as necessary.