This Article Is About All the Dashboard Electrics

Dash' Electrical Components:

  • Loom:
    • GD 
  • Gauges:
    • Speedhut
  • Components:
    • Fog light switch: CBS
    • Heater control knob: CBS (The old-fashioned pull/push Bakelite type)
    • Heater fan switch: CBS (The old-fashioned Bakelite type)
    • Light switch: CBS (The old-fashioned Bakelite type)
    • Starter button: Pilgrim Motosports
    • Stalks: GD Supplied (Vauxhall)
    • Warning lights: CBS (Chrome LED's)

Dashboard Loom


My layout is along the lines of the 427 S/C configuration but I've got some more thinking to do. However, it'll look something like this


The Speedhut gauges are very nice... Not too bulky and they come with all sensors and plugs, so hooking up was quite straightforward. One thing that was bugging me was how the sensors electrically connected into the GD loom. Fears allayed by research... They didn't.

On the functionality side of the house I made a ply mock-up dash' of just what I needed to see when the engine was running. Then I connect everything up to the obvious within the looms and sensors. I didn't want to have to faff around with my 'real' dashboard blank as it would have gotten in the way of the loom and things if I need to fiddle and fix things. What I want is everything working before I properly assemble.

0.2 Amp per unit and a single wire each to hook up the power, dial and pointer illumination.

My Speedhut Gauges


All Joined Up

Connected up the gauges illumination and pointer [serial feed] power and gnd lines to an unused pair of terminals on the dash' loom (L18 RW and B.) The [internal] power for all the gauges is provided from a single 12v keyed ignition wire (red), and there is a gauge brightness knob which I will mount on the dash' somewhere (no idea where yet.) The yellow wires are the [individual] sensor feeds. Am not going to complicate things by using the engine loom plug as an interface to the dash' loom because the sensor wires are: a.) long enough, and b.) are all factory made up, so no need to interfere with, or complicate things... I just have to plug them in and all should be good to go.